THE TEMPEST. Advanced (10-11 класс). Книга для учителя с настольной игрой

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The Teacher's Book includes: A Suggested Lesson Plan, offering ideas on how to use the reader in combination with the activities in class. Supplementary Activities for Readers that can be used with any title and with minimum preparation on behalf of the teacher. These activities are also optional and aim to further extend students' understanding of literature, develop their critical thinking skills and increase their interest in the story. The Key to the Activities presented in the Reader. Suggested answers for the projects. Two photocopiable versions of a Final Chech that can be used as a means of increasing students' responsibility for their own learning, as they include a self-assessment chart. The game cards for the Board Game that accompanies the Teacher's Book.

On the way from his daughter´s wedding in Tunis, King Alonso´s ship is hit by a violent storm that threatens everyone´s lives, including his brother´s and the Duke of Milan´s. Marooned on an island filled with strange creatures and noises, their past conspiracy against the true Duke of Milan, Prospero, is revealed. How will the magic and illusion on the island affect them? Will justice be served in the end?

Издатель Express Publishing
Год издания 2015
Серия Classic
Язык Английский
Физический товар ДА
Происхождение ЕС, Греция
Категория Wildberries Учебники
Перед публикацией отзывы проходят модерацию