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To the Teacher

 i Wonder 2 Teacher’s Resource Pack aims to: 

  • give teachers additional material that revises and extends the work in the Pupil’s Book;
  • give the pupils the opportunity for extra language practice;
  • develop the pupils’ interest in English!

 Pupils at this level need constant recycling to ensure that the new language is committed to their long-term memory. At the same time, it is also essential that they are given opportunities to get actively involved in language learning and use their English in meaningful and personalised contexts.

 i Wonder 2 Teacher’s Resource Pack is divided into the following sections:

   1     Reinforcement and Extension Activities: These activities are designed to consolidate and extend the core language of each module.

   2     Cross-curricular Activities: These activities provide extra material to review and reinforce the topics covered in the CLIL sections in the Pupil’s Book.

   3     Sounds and Words: This section provides additional practice on the sounds and the words presented in the corresponding section in the Pupil’s Book.

   4     Templates: These are the templates for the activities in the Pupil’s Book.

   5     Story Cards: These cards include the stories in the Pupil’s Book. The teacher can hand them out to the pupils so that they can make their own story books.

   6     Module Tests: There is one module test for each module. Each module test is in two formats, Basic and Extended. There is also a Mid-Term, Test as well as an Exit Test.

   7     Instruments for Evaluation: This section provides the teacher with various ways to evaluate the pupils’ progress and identify areas that need further practice.

   8     Let’s Celebrate! 2: In this section there are guidelines and the key for teachers who wish to cover the optional festive units.

   9     Young Learners: Starters Τest for teachers who wish to familiarise their pupils with this exam.

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